• video We are focused on raising awareness, providing education and resources, and encouraging empowerment through mentorship for girls and women who have lost the bond with their fathers.

    We are all about going from fatherless to forgiveness to FEARLESS.

    We are Fatherless Daughters.


  • about you Are you a fatherless daughter? Want to find out more about yourself and make sense of what has gone down all of these years? This is the place!

    We have statistics that might relate to you, info about how the absence of a father can affect girls, and what is amazing about YOU!


  • tiffanyTiffany thought she knew who her father was, but at age 28, she learned via DNA testing that the man who had embraced her as a daughter since she was 9 was not her father. She still does not know the identity of her real father. More

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    We'll inspire women in a brand new way and blow the lid off the stigma of being fatherless!


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