• video We are focused on raising awareness, providing education and resources, and encouraging empowerment through mentorship for girls and women who have lost the bond with their fathers.

    We are all about going from fatherless to forgiveness to FEARLESS.

    We are Fatherless Daughters.


  • masterclass Join our tribe for a 3-day journey on the path to wellness, empowerment, and healing to jump start your fatherless to forgiveness to fearless journey. With multiple speakers, group discussions and meditations, you’ll revisit your past in order to make breakthroughs for your future. More

  • Jaya Header Jaya’s parents had her when they were just freshmen in college. Because they didn’t stay together, she never formed a relationship with her father. As a young girl, she didn’t realize the affect this would have on her life. When she got to college, she sought out help and guidance to deal with her fatherless issues. As a result, she started an organization called Daddyless Daughters to help women like her work through their fatherless journey. More

  • the_book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives is available now!
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    We'll inspire women in a brand new way and blow the lid off the stigma of being fatherless!


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