• video We are focused on raising awareness, providing education and resources, and encouraging empowerment through mentorship for girls and women who have lost the bond with their fathers.

    We are all about going from fatherless to forgiveness to FEARLESS.

    We are Fatherless Daughters.


  • book_signing Come meet us! Denna and Karin will be reading and signing their book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives on June 17 at 7 PM at the Barnes & Noble at 2900 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305. More

  • Natalie HeaderNatalie grew up with a father, but due to his emotional and physical absence she never really had a meaningful father-daughter relationship with him. Read her story to find out not only how her family unraveled but also how they managed to mend themselves back together. Currently the Fatherless Daughter Project’s Communications Director, she thanks the project and her relationship with God for helping her take meaningful steps on her fatherless to forgiveness to fearless journey. More

  • the_book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives is available now!
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    We'll inspire women in a brand new way and blow the lid off the stigma of being fatherless!


  • tfdp symposium Join us in Atlanta this fall for the first ever Fatherless Daughter Project Symposium. Start your journey with us from fatherless to fearless to forgiveness. Sign Up for Details

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