The Book

Our game-changing inspirational book FatherlessDaughters: 25 Things Every Woman Should Know will be published by Hudson Street Press of Penguin Random House in Fall 2015. This book will inspire women in a brand new way and blow the lid off the stigma of being fatherless. We are telling it like it is to help daughters lead amazing, triumphant lives!


The Documentary

The Fatherless Daughter Project takes a never-before-seen look at the lives of a very private sisterhood. It tells the powerful stories of Fatherless Daughters in their own words, exploring the emotional and relational impact of father loss through the years. This is as real as it gets.


The Movement

We are not only writing a book and producing a documentary, we are starting a movement. This is just the beginning of our relationship with you and the impact that we want to have on the millions of daughters affected by fatherlessness. We have big plans!

Who We Are

denna babul, founder of the fatherless daughter project

Denna Babul

Author, Speaker, Nurse

Speaking from her own personal truth to empower, guide, and restore the spirit of all daughters to go from fatherless to fearless. Let her show you how.

karin smithson, founder of the fatherless daughter project

Dr. Karin L. Smithson

Author, Educator, Speaker, Therapist

Sharing research and speaking from the heart about how fatherlessness affects girls and women as they grow, seeking purpose and fulfillment in their lives. Just ask her.

Daughter of the Month – Meet Rebecca Fraiz!

We want to include you on our page by asking you to share some of your story here with us! We will select a Daughter of the Month and feature those things that make her special, from her talents to her triumphs. Here’s how to be a part of our sisterhood…

meet our first daughter of the month

Rebecca Fraiz

Writer, Artist, Mother

Meet Rebecca Fraiz, writer, artist and mother. We were so inspired by her talents and passion for life that we chose her for our April Daughter of the Month. Take a minute to check out her inspiring answers to our questions and make sure that you also let us know if you would like to apply for Daughter of the Month and be a part of our sisterhood.