Fatherless Daughters is the book that Denna and Karin wish they’d had thirty years ago. They want to save this generation of girls and women a decade of emotional fall-out by giving them the tools, real-life answers and encouraging insight that they need to step out of the stigma of being fatherless and step into the amazing life that is waiting for them.

At this moment, tens of millions fatherless daughters of all ages are struggling to make these same life-enhancing choices for self-survival and success. Losing her father can impede a woman’s emotional and relational development – that’s tough to overcome.

The book focuses on things that every fatherless daughter should know about herself, from why she picks the men she does to how the specific circumstances of her father loss play out in her life … and so much more that will make you laugh, cry and think deeply about who you are and how amazing you really can be.

Through stories from celebrities to the girl next door, we combine other fatherless daughters’ experiences with research and our own insight to guide women to live triumphant lives. Your past does not define your future.

We are ready to start talking about everything from relationships to resilience … sex to success … Mr. Wrong to Motherhood … and every date, decision and dance in between. We’ve lived it, researched it, and are ready to talk about it in hopes of changing change the lives of women who are ready to join us.

The Authors

  • Denna Babul, RN

    denna babul

    Denna D. Babul is a R.N., successful life coach, motivational speaker, author, medical expert, and co-founder of the Fatherless Daughter Project. After becoming a fatherless daughter at the age of 13, Denna felt called to be the voice for fatherless daughters. She has found her calling in creating a community and support system for fellow fatherless women of all ages as their voice, coach and mentor. Combining her years of experience in medicine, business, and personal development, Denna is able to help others transform their lives: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    To learn more about Denna and The Fatherless Daughter Movement, check out her website:

  • Karin Luise, PhD

    karin smithson, founder of the fatherless daughter project

    As a plucky PhD and brave Mom of 3, Dr. Karin carries with her a colorful bag of relatability, experience and insight … with a side of unavoidable humor. A compassionate educator on spirituality and wellness, Dr. Karin found her calling after her own losses and a decade of personal reinvention. She is here to meet you where you are. Often called “the therapist who feels like family,” she is known for wrapping the truth up in a hug with a squeeze of inspiration.

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