About You

We believe knowledge is power, so we want to give you what you are looking for – all of the statistics, the cautions and the successes that could be coming your way. Here you will find the latest research and the real numbers about fatherless women just like you.

After all, this is why you’re here – you want to find out more about yourself and make sense of what has gone down all of these years. We get it. So let’s start talking.


Who You Are

You may be fatherless if you lost your Dad through:
• Death
• Divorce
• Geography
• Abandonment
• Emotional absence
• Incarceration
• Addiction
• Abuse

Why You Might Be Here

• You keep picking the wrong men
• Important dates and milestones tend to bring up old emotions
• You may harbor guilt and anger. You isolate yourself when you are depressed.

• People may have told you that you need therapy … again and again

• You are ready to make a change

  • • And many other reasons that we highlight in our book … (stay tuned)

Statistics That Might Relate To You

• 43% of children in the United States live without their father [US Department of Census]*
• About 40% of kids in father absent homes have not seen their father in the past year
• 3.5% of children experience the death of a parent before age 18
• 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes [US Dept. of Health/Census]
• 90% of all runaway & homeless children are from fatherless homes [US DHHS, Bureas of the Census]
• 71% of high school drop outs are fatherless adolescents [National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools]
• Fatherless Daughters are 53% more likely to marry as teens
• Fatherless Daughters are 164% more likely to have a baby outside of marriage
• Fatherless Daughters are 92% more likely to get divorced

How Father Absence Can Affect A Girl As She Grows Into A Woman

• Significant psychological distress
• Childhood behavioral problems
• Depression in adolescence
• Alcohol abuse
• Low self esteem
• Earlier sexual activity and teen pregnancy
• Feeling a void and holding silent emotions
• Carrying anger, pain and resentment
• Lowered academic performance, dropping out of school


What Is Amazing About YOU

• You are an expert on self-survival.
• You are a caretaker and able to support others in crisis.
• You can make chocolate anything.
• You know how to cry and laugh in the same sentence.
• You have a resilient spirit that can help you rise above being a victim to being amazing!






*Thank you, FatherlessGeneration.com for sharing many of your statistics with us.

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