Jaya Header Jaya’s parents had her when they were just freshmen in college. Because they didn’t stay together, she never formed a relationship with her father. As a young girl, she didn’t realize the affect this would have on her life. When she got to college, she sought out help and guidance to deal with her fatherless issues. As a result, she started an organization called Daddyless Daughters to help women like her work through their fatherless journey. More


July FeatureDarcie’s father died from a massive heart attack when she was just 11 years old. With poor lifestyle choices and selfish tendencies, she felt like he never had a chance to really get to know her. Although growing up was difficult without him, she found her faith in God, her siblings, and now, her own loving family helped her to heal. More


Natalie HeaderNatalie grew up with a father, but due to his emotional and physical absence she never really had a meaningful father-daughter relationship with him.
Read her story to find out not only how her family unraveled but also how they managed to mend themselves back together. Currently the Fatherless Daughter Project’s Communications Director, she thanks the project and her relationship with God for helping her take meaningful steps on her fatherless to forgiveness to fearless journey. More


featured_daughter_may When Daniela’s parents divorced, she discovered the man who raised her wasn’t her biological father. She began her search for this man and discovered she has two brothers and a sister. Learn how the Fatherless Generation helped reunite her with her biological father and hear her story of meeting her father and brother for the first time. More


Title Gloria shines when she has a microphone in her hand, and she is performing. Music has been one of the things that’s helped her survive being fatherless since she was a very young girl. Listen to her song, “What Daddy Didn’t See” to learn about her fatherless to fearless journey. More


featured_daughter_MelissaRoshanMelissaRoshan is an advocate for brokenhearted youth and the definition of a strong woman. She grew up without both of her parents. Never knowing her father, she grew up with what she calls her “Spirit Brothers.” Learn about her healing journey, and why she decided to eventually find her father to tell him he had her forgiveness. More


featured_daughter_febAmanda-Grace’s father made the decision not to be a part of her life when she was just one year old. Thanks to her Mom and Granddaddy, she’s been able to grow up in a home full of love and encouragement. Because of all of her blessings, she now looks at being fatherless as “kind of like a gift.” More


featured_daughter_janAngela was forced to mature at a young age after enduring a toxic environment at home. Through her relationship with God and her best friend’s family, she has been able to heal wounds and find happiness where there once was suffering. Today, she says she’s the happiest she’s ever been thanks to her strong support system and complete trust in God. More


kate_fdKate lost both her parents within a year of each other when she was in her early twenties. Today she knows who she is and who she is not. She’s more genuine and authentic. Bolder. She has fully embraced who she has become and considers herself a better person for their death. More

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