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There’s a number of different ways you can get involved with The Fatherless Daughter Project.

Attend Our 1st Master Class

Fatherless Daughter Project Master Class 1: Inaugural Symposium
Fatherless to Forgiveness to Fearless
Start Your Journey / March 10-12 2017

Mark your calendars for our 1st weekend seminar! Start your journey of healing NOW. A class made especially for you, join our tribe and learn how to navigate being fatherless. Three days jammed pack full of wellness, empowerment and healing. You’ll learn how to get involved with TFDP and leave with a restorative outlook on your fatherless journey. Denna and Karin will teach you how to go from fatherless to fearless to forgiveness.


Every amount helps. Your donations while go toward our nonprofit and our mentorship program for fatherless daughters. We are in the process of setting up scholarship program as well.

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We are currently working on putting together a monthly newsletter with updates and fatherless daughter stories. We’d love to have you as a supporter as we continue our journey.

Share Your Story/Featured Daughter

Sharing your story with TFDP can bring people together and inspire change. It allows you to have a voice and tell the world what it’s really like to experience being fatherless. You have a story, and we want to hear it. Tell us how you’ve experienced fatherless in your life. You can share on our private Facebook page for fatherless daughters at The Fatherless Daughter Tribe or via our featured daughter.

Send a message to share your story with us. Tell all or a little. Whatever you are ready for. Ask questions or offer insight. The content is up to you!

We are always looking to feature a new Featured Daughter and the next could be you. Tell us why you’d like to be featured, and how you’ve worked to go from fatherless to fearless.

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