Jaya Header Jaya’s parents had her when they were just freshmen in college. Because they didn’t stay together, she never formed a relationship with her father. As a young girl, she didn’t realize the affect this would have on her life. When she got to college, she sought out help and guidance to deal with her fatherless issues. As a result, she started an organization called Daddyless Daughters to help women like her work through their fatherless journey. More


featured_daughter_july Jessica grew up with many good memories of her dad as a dedicated husband and a good father. Then, one-day things changed. He moved out, moved away, and now no longer contacts her and her family. Read her story on how this affected her life and how finding The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understand Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives helped her find healing. More


July FeatureDarcie’s father died from a massive heart attack when she was just 11 years old. With poor lifestyle choices and selfish tendencies, she felt like he never had a chance to really get to know her. Although growing up was difficult without him, she found her faith in God, her siblings, and now, her own loving family helped her to heal. More

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