Getting to Know You as You Get to Know Us

Since our event launch at the end of September, we’ve been working on several new and exciting upcoming projects! But first, we want to start off by thanking each and every one of you who attended the launch at the end of September. For those of you who weren’t there, Daughters, Dishing, & a Documentary was indeed a success with over 200 guests in attendance and $10,000 raised for the organization. We couldn’t have done any of it without you! Now, let’s take a look at The Fatherless Daughter Project’s most recent projects. If you would like to help click on DONATE NOW on the website.

Join the Tribe

We are excited to invite all of you to join our Fatherless Daughter Tribe on Facebook! The tribe is a private FB group meant to be a place where those affected by fatherlessness can talk to each other for support. Being fatherless isn’t easy, and it’s natural for everyone to ask for help. This Tribe is meant to be a forum to help and comfort each other through the journey to peace. So, feel free to invite any of your friends! Take some time to introduce yourself. Anything you feel called to write is welcome, but remember to finish on a positive note. This is really a spiritual group, and we are looking for real and uplifting messages!

Keeping It Real With Denna


We are also proud to announce our founder, Denna Babul, is starting her very own podcast. If you know Denna, then you know the title fits perfectly. Keeping It Real With Denna will premiere its first episode in the middle of December (date to come) with a new podcast reoccurring every Tuesday at 6pm. With special guests Broker Associate Stacy Galan, and myself as her first guests, Denna will discuss fatherless daughters and relationships. She’ll use her expertise, education, and humor to discuss “real” life events women go through every day. She’ll offer her advice and reveal strategies and tactics on how to dominate the world as a woman and empower others along the way.

More Upcoming Goodies

And if the Tribe and the Podcast just weren’t enough, we’ve got even more planned in the next upcoming months. We’ll soon be planning a free conference call for all fatherless daughters. The call will be FREE and open to anyone interested in a healthy discussion on fatherlessness A few questions will be posed in the beginning of the call, and the rest of the hour will be spent discussing participants’ experiences with such topics. Advice will be offered and exchanged in hopes to help each woman learn and grow with their fatherless journey.

In addition to the quarterly conference call, we will be organizing “Meet & Greets” around the Atlanta area. Fatherless Daughters will be invited quarterly to come and join us for healthy conversation at a local coffee shop or restaurant. We will be present to discuss any and all topics of interest to those in attendance. These Meet & Greets will be held in hopes to encourage fatherless daughters in the Atlanta area to get to know each other face to face and bring them closer together. The first Meet & Greet is scheduled to be in February 2016. Time, date, and location will be coming soon.

Lastly, TFDP will be putting on LIVE workshops with all fatherless daughters. As we near our book launch, we realize the importance of the material and the need to get it out to fatherless daughters. Once released, we will hold workshops that will take you through the curriculum of the book. Be on the lookout for more details and how to register soon!

Own Your Story

Finally, we are always looking for our next Featured Daughter. We love to hear from all of you and hear your stories. If you are interested in being our next Featured Daughter, please click below and send us a message!

“You can take what happened in your life and not let it define you. Use it to redefine who you want to become.” – Denna Babul

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