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Denna Babul and Karin Luise were interviewed on OM Times Radio –Inspired Living, which aired live on June 1, 2016. During the segment, Denna and Karin discussed their stories on being Fatherless Daughters, the development of The Fatherless Daughter Project and what they hope to accomplish with it in the future. 

In discussing The Fatherless Daughter Project, Denna and Karin stated, “The biggest message that we have is that you can reclaim your life, you can have purpose in your pain, and everything is positive. It’s just a moment, it’s part of your story, and it’s not your entire story.” Additionally stated, “We wanted to bring a safe places to women to tell their stories. We want to help them walk the bridge in it not being their entire story. You can re-write your story everyday.”

The interview credited Denna as a Registered Nurse, successful life coach, motivational speaker, and medical expert and Karin as a sought after psychotherapist, writer, and motivational speaker. They were also credited as the founders of The Fatherless Daughter Project and authors of The Fatherless Daughter Project. The interview also mentioned their website and social media, which the links will be posted on the OMTimes Facebook page.

Inspired Living is a podcast on OMTimes Radio. OMTimes is an online magazine dedicated to covering a holistic and green lifestyle, with topics including astrology, health and healing, metaphysics, lifestyle, personal growth, relationships, spirituality, and features profiles for counselors, and other experts in the field. Om Times Radio is streamed in select syndication to 136 countries and available on which has over 871,898 unique visitors per month. Om’s social media platform, which promotes this show, has over 2 million followers and has cross promoting with OmTime’s sister company Humanity Healing.

The segment can be listened to (and downloaded) here.


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