How did you get connected with The Fatherless Daughter Project?
I connected with the Fatherless Daughter Project by conducting research for Fatherless Daughters on the Rise. It was through a google search that lead me to such an insightful and positive movement that paralleled with my work.

Can you tell us in a few sentences about your personal story of father loss?
My story of being fatherless began at birth. My father to this day has never acknowledged or accepted me as his daughter. In my early years it was not as near as painful as it became as an adult. Through my pain I discovered more of Jesus Christ and have learned no matter how you become fatherless, God will always be a father to the fatherless. I have learned rest in that.

What has been the biggest challenge being fatherless?
The biggest challenge has been not knowing my value as a young woman. As a result that has lead me down the roads of all of what statistics reflect about single parent households raised by single moms. Teen pregnancy, failed marriages, etc. Little did I know through my strife a leader would be born.


What has helped you to survive?
There have been two very important structures in my life that has helped me survive being fatherless. First God Almighty himself and my family. I have been blessed with amazing children, a strong mother and phenomenal aunts and extended family who have all help keep me grounded In faith.

Is there a special person(s) in your life that has helped you find healing?
Again my God father has helped find healing, peace and confidence in knowing who I am and what he created me to be.

Where do you shine?
I shine in helping others. My ministry Fatherless daughters on the Rise is geared to helping young woman avoid the pitfalls I did by creating avenues in finding ways to live in the highest expression of themselves.

What would you tell your younger self?
I would tell my younger self to have a personal relationship with God our Father and know his promises and his grace shall always be enough. Secondly, I would tell my younger self to educate yourself on the statistics and know you are not defined by statistics or what the world says rather rest in knowing you are created and designed for greatness. Understand and know all is well.


If you could have a theme song, what would it be?
Theme Song: Well I have a few. Roar by Katy Perry, Break every Chain by Tasha Combs and Take me to the King by Tamela Mann.

How do you hope to make a difference in the world?
I hope to make a difference by continuing to plant seeds in my own family, community and across the world by helping women and children of fatherless families. My difference is continuing to give my time, talent and treasure to help those in need. As the great Ghandi says “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I have created Fatherless Daughters on the Rise an organization that will pay it forward to women and children of fatherless daughters ensuring their education, self-confidence, and quality of life.


Fill in the blank: “The most amazing thing about my life is _______________.”
The most amazing thing about my life are my children or shall I say “my 4 kings”. I have been fortunate enough to give birth to 4 kings. Leaders of the next generation. For that I am most proud and thankful to the most high God’s everlasting love and grace.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and God bless your fatherless daughter project.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and inspiring story with us, Angela. We are blessed to have you in our sisterhood!

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