SiriusXM’s The Maggie Linton Show Hosts TFDP

The Maggie Linton Show

Deena Babul & Karin Luise were featured on SiriusXM – The Maggie Linton Show, which aired live on June 6, 2016. In the live segment, Deena & Karin discussed how men and women are affected by having a father missing in their lives and what’s being done to help them heal.

Deena stated, “If your 4 years old, 25 or even 80 years old you can pick up this book and find out where the emotional absence happened and how you can grow from it, in order to reclaim your life and get on with what you really want to do.”  Karin added, “What we are trying to do is help women find a bridge where the story doesn’t define them, which means it shouldn’t override their capabilities.”

The feature credited Deena Babul as a RN and life coach and Dr. Karin Luise as a counselor, writer and educator.

SiriusXM – The Maggie Linton Show features stories about individuals who have reached for success and their stories for achieving their goals. She helps listeners bring the positive lessons from these journeys into their own lives. The show airs on Sirius XM’s Urban View Channel. Sirius XM is listened to in over 19 million homes in the United States. Previous guests include: Rev. Run, Barbara Corcoran, and Cory Booker.

The segment can be listened to (and downloaded) here.

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